Working on our collective dream for the future.


After the church service on Nov.13th, the congregation had its 2nd meeting with our architect Dennis Chivers.

We reviewed the results of the 4 questions asked at our first meeting, that were designed to give the architect and ourselves a sense of our values when considering a master site plan at CUUF. The 4 questions were; What we Cherish? What we Desire? What are we Ready to Lose? And ”Words we Live By”.

Dennis also presented 2 master site plan schemes for our consideration and the pros and cons of each. To see the powerpoint presentation of this meeting, Click Here.

In order to make this process as inclusive as possible, the ASTF committee has set up small group meetings at various times and days of the week between Nov. 13th and our final congregational meeting on Dec. 11th. For now, we are just focused on the big picture. Which concept plan best meets the values we developed at our 1stmeeting. We will take the recommendations from these meetings and vote on a final plan at the Dec. 11thmeeting.

Signup sheets are at the church. Please pick a time & date that will work for you, your opinion counts. Meetings are open to all members and friends of CUUF.

Dates, times and facilitators are as follows:


Mon., Nov. 28th, 7pm, Steve Clem

Wed., Nov. 30th, 7pm, (men’s group) at Don Oliver’s

Thurs., Dec 1st, 2pm, LeRoy Farmer

Sat., Dec. 3rd, 2pm Mary Timiras

Fri., Dec 9th, 6pm, Andrea Barbknecht

All meetings except the men’s group will be at CUUF.


ASTF Chair, LeRoy Farmer