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Unitarian Universalism welcomes children not only for who they will become in the future but for all that they offer right now. In Unitarian Universalist faith development programs (religious education), our goal is to help children make meaning of their experiences within the framework of our faith. Whether learning about our faith—roots and identity, world religions, life's experiences, questions and mysteries—or how we can live out our faith in the world, we hold children in communities of safety, love, and justice where they are valued just as they are.

We share with children soul-stirring stories, transcendent moments of care, ways to mark the sacred and congregations that help us cherish and number our days. We want children to know the power of faith shared in community. We are all part of the interdependent web of life: a family sharing our home on this earth.

We help children find ways to make the values and principles of Unitarian Universalism part of the fabric of their beings. We work, play, worship, and learn with people of all ages in our congregations. Our children's questions invite our wonder; their trust encourages our hope. We return their questioning with affection and respect, and in doing so our congregations grow and deepen in faith and life-affirming inspiration. (from

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