With the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Washington state, CUUF is taking steps to bolster the safety of our congregation. As a starting point, we have asked the Worship Team to request that we refrain from holding hands for the closing song at the end of our Sunday services. We suggest congregants place their hand(s) on their heart during the closing song. This gesture can also be used in place of handshaking as a meaningful greeting that requires no physical contact.


If you are sick, stay home – from work, from school, from CUUF. You care not only for yourself this way, you care for those with whom you would otherwise come into contact. Not everybody you encounter has a strong immune system.  

Reach out by phone or email to let someone know if you are ill – that includes our Pastoral Care Team if you’d like. Just because you are sick, doesn’t mean you have to be isolated. 

Wash your hands often, Ideally with non-anti-bacterial soap and running water.  If that is not available, then alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Maintain a social distance of six feet from someone who is coughing or showing other symptoms; check in with that person to see if they need help to ensure they are getting what they need to recover.

Notice how often you touch your face – we all touch our faces way more than we realize. Our awareness may help reduce this behavior, which is one of the ways any virus is spread.   Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes. 

Lastly, if your anxiety about this, or anything else going on in the world, is at a breaking point, or if you’re just feeling too much, please know you are not alone. We encourage you to reach out to someone you trust. Reach out to Intern Minister Joel Courtney or Parish Nurse Lori Nitchals. 

If you want to get up to date information on Coronavirus and healthcare recommendations here in NCW – please go to the Confluence Health website, it is being updated daily.  The Wenatchee World also has a dedicated page, we would just caution that this is a media page, not a healthcare page.  


Intern Minister Joel Courtney and the CUUF Board of Directors