CUUF Re-Opening Plans/Guidelines
Updated April 1, 2021

COVID-19 Management Task Force members: Deb Miller, Christina Davitt, Chris Rader, Lori Nitchals, Rev. Laura Shennum

Because medical/scientific information, safety recommendations, local guidelines, laws and other details about COVID-19 response are subject to change, this plan may be modified at any time by board vote. Meanwhile, congregants will be encouraged to check the CUUF website and county/state guidelines for more information. Chelan-Douglas Health District website:

CUUF’s Current Status

CUUF is tying our Covid response to Gov. Inslee’s statewide Roadmap to Recovery plan and its guidelines for religious and faith-based organizations:

Chelan and Douglas counties are currently in Phase 3 of this plan. Guidelines for indoor worship services include:

  1. Up to 50% of room (or building) capacity with a recommended maximum of 400 people if the space is less than 100,000 square feet.
  2. Face coverings are required by all, except for a speaker addressing the congregation. If there is more than one speaker, only one at a time may remove his/her mask.
  3. Six feet of distance must be maintained between seated individuals or couples.
  4. Choirs and congregations may sing indoors without size limitations, as long as six feet of space is maintained between singers (congregants) and three-layer cloth or surgical masks are worn.
  5. Soloist singers may sing without a mask, maintaining 15 feet of physical distancing.

Congregational seating space in CUUF’s sanctuary is 30’ by 37’, or 1,110 square feet. Fifty percent capacity would be 50 people if we did not need to stay six feet apart, but with the six-feet mandate we can only allow 16 couples or individuals in the sanctuary.

To avoid falling back to Phase 2, Douglas County (a “small county” with a population of less than 50,000) must maintain an average of fewer than 100 new cases in a 14-day average, and a new seven-day hospitalization average of below three. Due to the constant shift in our counties’ eligibility to remain in Phase 3, CUUF is taking a conservative approach. We are still maintaining the following protocols:

  1. All buildings and the property are closed except for essential personnel.
  2. CUUF staff are working from home except the Office Administrator (M,T,Th,F) and essential personnel.
  3. All in-person activities are suspended until further notice, except for limited personnel to record Sunday Worship. 

Although it may seem, many in our CUUF congregation have now been vaccinated against the virus. This is not true for young adults, youth, and children. Even so, health scientists caution that this may not mean vaccinated people cannot transmit the virus to others – so they continue to recommend frequent hand washing, wearing masks, staying six feet apart, and avoiding indoor gatherings. In addition, there is unknowns around the rise in variants.

Please note that the UUA strongly discourages even small in-person gatherings (including pastoral meetings) in indoor spaces, even with masks, noting: “Our values of safety and inclusion call on us to minimize risk.” — UUA Gathering Guidelines (updated 2-9-21)

More details on CUUF’s procedures

The following plans are for the physical grounds and buildings of CUUF and they are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any CUUF gatherings not on the property. 

  • No more than five people indoors at a time.
  • Adequate PPE (personal protective equipment) for staff and video recording participants (CUUF will provide).
  • Wipe down surfaces touched.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Wash hands often and use hand sanitizer.
  • No video recording done on days when Office Administrator is in the building.
  • All who access building will need to sign in at greeters’ table, answer health questions, and sign that they passed screening before entering the rest of the building (may use internet form).
  • Any and all staff and volunteers who are symptomatic are required to stay home. If symptoms develop while on the property, they must leave immediately.
  • Outdoor work may be done by small groups (fewer than 15) who practice social distancing. The interior of the building will not be accessible to outdoor workers at this time.


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