CUUF Re-Opening Plans/Guidelines
Approved by CUUF Board of Trustees 7/16/20

COVID19 Management Task Force Members: Deb Miller, Christina Davitt, Chris Radar, Lori Nitchals, Rev. Laura Shennum

Because medical/scientific information, safety recommendations, local guidelines, laws and other details about COVID-19 response are subject to change, this plan may be modified at any time by board vote. 

The congregation will receive communication at a minimum every two months. Congregants will be encouraged to check the CUUF website and state guidelines for questions in between communications. 

These plans are for the physical grounds and buildings of CUUF and they are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any CUUF gatherings not on the property. 

Due to the constant shift in recommendations, we will only publish the current phase and the next phase of reopening at any time. These can be found on our website and in current communications.

Scope and Purpose of COVID19 Management Task Force

At their May 2020 Board meeting, the CUUF Board (“Board”)charged the Minister with creating a COVID19 Management Task Force to develop plans/guidelines for the congregation in response to the pandemic.

The Task Force is charged with gathering information and making recommendations to the Board regarding 

  • operating procedures, 
  • employee safety, 
  • closures, 
  • cancellations and postponements, 
  • and any other pandemic related response. 

The Board President and the Minister will work together to make time-critical decisions. The Board President, the Minister and the Task Force will share responsibility for ensuring timely and consistent communication with the Fellowship.

The task force’s goals in creating recommendations for the Board include:

  1. Reviewing and following recommendations and protocols from the CDC, the Chelan Douglas Health District and other reputable scientific and medical sources;
  2. Keeping our UU values at the forefront, including putting the health and safety people first including our vulnerable populations, rather than economics or politically-based recommendations;
  3. Being as consistent as possible with our recommendations, basing them on clear criteria and avoiding exceptions where possible to stated protocols;
  4. Being as flexible and responsive as we can to the ever-changing nature of the virus itself as well as recommendations and responses in Chelan/Douglas Counties of WA, and the rest of the country; and
  5. Being as transparent as possible regarding the sources we are consulting by sharing links and data.

Background Information

The task force has settled on a phased reopening plan, because we believe it is the most prudent and flexible model. Understanding that the conditions caused by the virus, as well as local and national response, are highly variable, we believe that dealing with COVID19 is a long-term process. It appears from all scientific models we have consulted, that cases will ebb and flow over the next months or year(s) and CUUF’s response will need to shift and change as well. We predict that reopening will not be a linear process, and that we may go back and forth between phases (or levels of closure) more than once during this time. 

We are committed to putting the health and safety of staff and members of the Fellowship at the forefront. None of this is simple or easy, but we have a great team of leaders to work with, and believe CUUF can weather this challenging time with characteristic fortitude and cooperation.

Currently, the following protocols are in place:

  1. All buildings and the property are closed except for essential personnel.
  2. CUUF staff working from home, except Office Administrator on Mondays, unless essential personnel.
  3. All in-person activities suspended until further notice, except for limited personnel to record Sunday Worship. 

Section One refers to the criteria we recommend be used to determine when to consider implementing Phase 2 of Re-opening.

Section Two lists the potential phases of re-opening, including policies, procedures, training, etc. we recommend be implemented and observed. This section will require significant additional work to be ready for implementation; we expect that a good bit of that work will be delegated to appropriate existing teams or committees. 

Re-opening Guidelines

Section One:  Criteria for Initiating Phase 2 of Re-opening

We suggest that all of the following criteria be met before any part of the property is opened to access by more than currently-identified essential personnel.

  1. Chelan and Douglas Counties are approved for Phase 2 reopening by the Washington State Department of Health (“State”):
  2. Then if 14 days after the Counties are open to Phase 2 and: 
    1. Continued downward trend in new cases per day in Chelan/Douglas Counties as per the State (Definition of downward trend to be clarified) (no new cases); and 
    2. Downward trend in percent positive tests per day over the prior 14 days with level or increasing tests in WA as per  the State (Definition of downward trend to be clarified)(no new cases)
  3. Completed safety action plans — education, signage, training, disinfectants, response plan
  4. Adequate PPE available for staff, as well as volunteers responding to symptomatic person(s)
  5. Risk waiver in place 

Section Two:  Phased Re-opening

Phase 1 (Current Phase)

  1. Open Sanctuary to Limited Personnel for Sunday Worship Recording.

No more than 5 people; all wear masks; wipe down surfaces touched; hand washing and hand sanitizer used regularly.  Recording will not be done on days the Office Administrator is in building.

Phase 2 (Next Phase)

A. Re-open office to staff and other (limited) non-essential personnel

    1. Approved protocols for limiting transmission will be observed by all personnel, including masking, social distancing, handwashing, and limiting proximity and duration of contact time between personnel
    2. Staff allowed to continue work at home as needed based on individual/family needs. Appropriate accommodations will be made for accessibility
    3. CUUF will provide appropriate PPE, soap, etc. for staff and volunteers.
    4. All who access building will need to sign in, answer health questions, and sign that they passed screening set by the greeter’s table before entering the rest of the building; (may use internet form)
    5. Any and all staff and volunteers who are symptomatic required to stay home. If symptoms develop while on the property, they must leave immediately.

      Outdoor work in small groups <5 people permitted
  1. Maintain social distancing, wipe down shared equipment. Masks required when interacting with others on property.
  2. Office must be notified before any group assembles. Group leader must complete a post-gathering contact form and provide it to the office administrator. Form to include:  Number of people, where they gathered, and what cleaning protocols have been completed, so that staff can observe appropriate distancing and equipment cleaning protocols for their own safety. (need notification form  -standardize responses)
  3. To maintain the safety of essential personnel, CUUF building will not be accessible. 

Resources consulted:
Church Mutual COVID19 Resources
CUUF Church Mutual Insurance Policy
Wenatchee Toolkit for Reopening Businesses
WA State Department of Health Protocols
Chelan and Douglas County Health Protocols
UUA COVID19 Guidelines for Churches
Greeneville UU Fellowship Re-opening plans