CUUF Covid Task Force restriction update– January 13, 2022

CUUF Reopening at a Glance chart Click Here to view

As of January 13 & 14 , 2022

Cases have increased significantly just since yesterday and may be even higher since all positive home rapid tests may not have been reported to the Health Department.

January 13, 2022                                  January 14, 2022
Chelan County-
 Sever Risk                 Chelan County- Sever Risk
136.6 per 100,000 cases                       164.1 per 100,000 cases
1.59 infection rate                                  1.64 infection rate

Douglas County- Sever Risk                Douglas County- Sever Risk
140.1 per 100,000 cases                        155.6 per 100,000 cases
1.68 infection rate                                   1.71 infection rate

Please, Please observe all Safety Protocols!
      Wear a Mask!  (we have KN95 Masks available at CUUF)
      Wash you hands often!
Maintain Social Distancing
 – at lease 6 feet away

Want to check our current status for yourself? Or the current status anywhere in the country?  The COVIDActNow is the website I have been using since the beginning, and is also recommended now by the UUA. Here is the link-

*Masks are required when in the building, even for a quick in and out.

On Friday October 8th the CUUF Board voted on the recommendations for reopening from the COVID Task Force consisting of myself, Deb Miller, Board liaison, Laura Mrachek, and Rev. Elizabeth. This chart, created by the COVID Task Force, after dozens of combined hours of research, was approved and is what is called a “living document” meaning that it will be updated and revised as needed.

In a nutshell, once our area (Chelan and Douglas Counties) is at Medium Risk for COVID cases, defined as the local COVID numbers consistently staying below <10 per 100,000 cases for 14 days in a row, as per the COVIDActNow website, The Board will consider certain in person gatherings with restrictions. Once our area reaches Low Risk status, <1per 100,000 cases for 14 days in a row, The Board will consider full, unrestricted reopening, with multi platform attendance for services and other activities.

I will be giving Sharon weekly updates on Thursdays for her to post in our Friday announcements.  And I will post them in my Monday Notes from the Parish Nurse.