Do you believe it’s important to challenge injustice and value diversity? If so, you are attuned to CUUF’s commitment to social justice. We are committed to assuring the human rights that should be reflected in the everyday lives of people at every level of society and act on this at many levels. Is it a human right to be well fed? We think so and act upon it by assuring that school children from families with limited means are assured of meals over the weekends through our Packing Friendship program. We also adopt a family at Christmastime and assure that each member receives gifts. And every month we have a special collection to support a non-profit community service agency in our valley that is dedicated to some aspect of social justice and wellbeing. What about equity? CUUF has been actively engaged in issues associated with poverty and the homeless in our community and has provided leadership in the furthering of equity for LGBTQ people of our valley, especially that of youth.  And that just scratches the surface of our community-wide social justice efforts.


UU Green Sanctuary 2030The UU Green Sanctuary 2030 goal is to reduce global net carbon emissions by 45% by 2030, and to near zero by mid-century.  For more information Click Here

CUUF now has a Climate Justice Taskforce ready to take the first steps towards accreditation! We are educating ourselves, sharing what we have learned with others in our congregation, and hoping to join the other 30% of accredited UU Green Sanctuary 2030 UU congregations!