Justice:  It is at the core of our Unitarian Universalist faith.  We seek to create, preserve and strengthen justice in our communities through actions that address racism, the environment, housing and food security, gender equality, sexual orientation and gender identity, economic and political privilege and disparities, and the rights of Indigenous People, immigrants and the incarcerated.  

The Community Care Coordinating Team assists our congregation, members and supporters to more fully live out Unitarian Universalist values, by guiding and facilitating the development of Social Justice projects that embody those values and the principles.  

  • Encourages CUUF members to submit ideas and plans for Social Justice projects.
  • Works with CUUF members to develop those ideas and plans into viable Social Justice projects.
  • Promotes and seeks support for Social Justice activities and opportunities.
  • Develops and shares criteria for Share the Plate nominees.
  • Offers guidance in prioritizing Social Justice projects by developing the annual budget for Social Justice.
  • Presents Social Justice projects to the congregation for approval and support.

How can we support your passion for Social Justice?

Just an idea is all it takes to begin working towards a Social Justice project.  Let us know your idea by filling out the Social Justice Concept Proposal or by emailing the Community Care Coordinating Team at
cccteam@cascadeuu.org .  With enough information, your idea can be submitted as a Social Justice Project Application [that can be used to gather support and to request funding.

Priority issues used to segregate projects and partnerships include: 

  • Climate and Environmental Justice
  • Food Security
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Democracy and Unity
  • Racial Justice
  • Immigration Support/Justice
  • Gender/Identity Justice
  • Housing Security



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