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Are you looking for a community that wants to walk with you on your journey for truth and meaning? Are you looking for a place to feel welcomed for who you are? Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a community which supports people questioning and learning about the world around them. We see each person as having worth and dignity. 

This is a community which embraces many beliefs from Christian to Buddhist to Atheist and many more. We do not ask people to believe in a creed. We are interested in learning what you believe and supporting you in your search. More importantly, we are concerned with how we create community when we are imperfect humans. We use a covenant or promise to remind us to strive to be in relationship even in the midst of our imperfect selves. We understand we are, as Martin Buber explains, “promise making, promise breaking, and promise recreating” creatures and therefore, we focus on remaining in community in good and difficult times.  Are we perfect about it? Absolutely not, but we try and try again until we get it right. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more, then please visit us on a Sunday morning. We would love to meet you.

Peace, Grace, & Love,

Rev Laura