Interim Minister: Rev Elizabeth Sollie

Welcome to the home of Unitarian Universalism in central Washington.  We are a community of seekers exploring meaning and purpose in our lives.

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal rather than a creedal religion.  This means we share some values and make promises to one another based on those values, but we do not all believe alike, nor do we seek that conformity.

Unitarian Universalism values each individual in all their complexity and beauty.  One of our principles is a promise and affirmation to promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  This promise informs how we live in this world and calls us to align with the most vulnerable–to stay in the struggle until we are all free. It also calls us to celebrate and cherish the exquisite diversity in humanity.

Unitarian Universalism also values the collective.  Our principles name that we are part of an interdependent web of life.  This recognition also informs how we live in this world and encourages us, not so much to be stewards of the earth, but to understand that our well being as humans is inextricably bound with more than human life as well.  We are not separate or above nature, but part of it.  This also means that we belong to one another. As the theologian Bernard Loomer said, “Love does not create our essential interrelatedness.  Love is an acknowledgement of it.” 

Our principles challenge and encourage us to widen the circle of our concern.  They encourage us to live and die well.  They encourage us to be good human beings.  And together, we try to figure out how to do all these things and to begin from compassion rather than fear. 

You know it isn’t easy to be human.  We live in a world with systemic evils, a climate crisis and all our own challenges and grief.  What we have figured out is that it is easier and better if we go together, dividing our sorrows and multiplying our joys.  Community is at the heart of our congregations.

If you are looking for easy answers, Unitarian Universalism might not be a good fit for you.  If you are looking for a place where nobody is a hypocrite or flawed, this might not be your spiritual home.   If, however, you are wanting company on your journey, challenge, and inspiration for your spiritual growth and to deepen your humanity– please join us.  We look forward to learning with you!