Cascade UU Fellowship is working towards policy based governance. The congregation is the primary authority in matters of the church. The congregation elects members to a Board of Trustees, which is the fiscal and legal agent for the church. The Board of Trustees delegates to staff and committees responsibilities and duties. Below is a list of the Board of Trustees and active committees.

Board of Trustees 2018-19

Deb Miller, President

Julie McAllister, Vice President
Luke Evans,Treasurer

Leslie Marshall, Secretary

Jameson O’Neal

Patty Ostendorff

Vern Smith


Committees & Teams

Adult Religious Education – The committee oversees and coordinates adult religious education activities such as the forum, Buddhist group, book groups, etc.

Chalice Lighter Ambassadors – The team connects our congregation to the Pacific Northwest District of the UUA to fund projects around the district for church growth and vitality.

Children’s Religious Exploration/Youth Group – The committee works to provide a well-rounded religious education program for children and teens.

Buildings and Grounds Team – The team oversees the general appearance and upkeep of our buildings and grounds.

Finance  Committee – The finance committee quantifies the dreams of the membership.  Monthly meetings are used to draft fiscal policy and assist the Board in reconciling church goals to its financial performance.

Greeters – Each person is provided a warm welcome by members of this committee on Sunday morning as well as other church events.

Governance Committee – The committee assists the Board by facilitating communication related to governance matters

Pastoral Care Associates – The mission of the Pastoral Care Team is to provide a caring presence by supervised volunteers for CUUF members who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives. It is a ministry of presence and care, non-judgmental companioning, and compassionate listening.

Stewardship Committee – The committee plans and implements strong, sustainable stewardship programs grounded in the Fellowship’s mission and vision and leads the annual stewardship campaign. 

Worship Team – The members of this group actively collaborate with the minister to plan worship as well as act as Celebrants during the service.