Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has adopted many of the principles of Dan Hotchkiss’ policy- based governance . This led to the latest revision of our bylaws.  We strive for a board that governs through policy, ministry that embraces programs supportive of our purpose, and a congregation that learns and serves within an open but clearly defined structure.  Together we remain in conversation through our Congregational Covenant.

Our congregation is the primary authority in matters of the church.  The membership elects a Board of Trustees as its governing body and calls a Minister to serve as its spiritual and administrative leader.  The Board focuses on the long-term mission and fiscal well-being of the congregation.  In partnership with the Minister and congregation the Board sets policies, creates a vision, and develops a strategic plan. (to view our bylaws, board policy and other policies, please go to our “Governing Documents” page.)

Board of Trustees 2022-23

Laura Mrachek, President
Ken Toevs, Vice President
Carrie Gavin, Treasurer
Rhonnie Craven, Secretary
Tracy Maynard
Don Flick
Larry Tobiska


Committees are appointed by the Board to help it accomplish an ongoing responsibility. Committees gather information, draft policy, and carry out ongoing governance work delegated by the Board.

Chalice Lighter Ambassadors – Connects our congregation to the Pacific Northwest District of the UUA to fund projects around the district for church growth and vitality.

Executive Committee – The Executive Committee serves as a link/interface between the congregation, minister and Board. Members include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Minister.

Finance Committee – Quantifies the dreams of the membership. Monthly meetings are used to draft fiscal policy and assist the Board in reconciling church goals to its financial performance.

Fundraising Committee – Plans and carries out activities to support the budget from sources both within and beyond the Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s membership.

Nominating Committee – Searches out and solicits qualified candidates to serve on the Board of Trustees, Governance Committee, Nominating Committee, and any other elected position within the Fellowship.

Stewardship Committee – Plans and implements strong, sustainable stewardship programs grounded in the Fellowship’s mission and vision along with leading the annual stewardship campaign.


Teams are based on people’s passion and formed to support a ministry of the Fellowship.  Teams exist to produce practical results for the Fellowship and the community.  Some meet regularly to perform tasks such as planning worship, pastoral care and education programming.  Teams are accountable to the Ministry/Minister.

Adult Religious Education – Oversees and coordinates adult religious education activities such as the forum, Buddhist group, book groups, etc. (Currently seeking leadership/members.)

Building and Grounds – Oversees the general appearance and upkeep of our buildings and grounds.

Children’s Religious Exploration/Youth Group – Works to provide a well-rounded religious education program for children and teens.

Greeters – Provides a warm welcome to congregants on Sunday morning as well as other church events.

Pastoral Care Team – Provides a caring presence by supervised volunteers for CUUF members who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives. It is a ministry of presence and care, non-judgmental companioning, and compassionate listening.

Worship Team – Actively collaborate with the minister to plan worship as well as act as Celebrants during the service.