Parish Nursing at Cascade Unitarian Universalist Fellowship           

Lori Nitchals, RN has been in nursing since 1973, beginning
her career in hospitals and long term care, and then,
for the past 20 years, has worked in a variety of clinic
settings. Lori retired in 2011, but wanted to continue
serving others with her passion for a holistic approach to
wellness and healing. In 2012 she took the Parish Nurse
training through NW Parish Nurse Ministries and was
commissioned by CUUF to be the Parish Nurse.

What is Parish Nursing?
Parish Nursing is a program that provides opportunities for nurturing the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of members of a religious/spiritual community.

Unitarian Universalist Principles supporting a Parish Nurse Program
We covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person…acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations

What do Parish Nurses do?
Health Educator – Help people recognize the connection between life style choices and wellness
Health Counselor – Help people to recognize and deal with health problems
Health Coach – Empowering, facilitating, and supporting people to make healthier lifestyle choices
Referral Source to local social service agencies and healthcare facilities
Help bridge the gaps in our medical system – They ask “What keeps people well and how can we assist in that process?”

Partner with the minister in promoting healing and wellness, connecting health and faith

What do Parish Nurses NOT do?
Hands on nursing, such as suture removals, dressing changes, and giving injections or medications
Act as a substitute for your healthcare provider or home health nurse
Provide transportation to/from doctors’ appointments

So, when might you call on the Parish Nurse?
When you have a doctor’s appointment and you are not sure what questions to ask or want someone to accompany you.
When your blood pressure has been running high and you want it checked.
When a loved one has a chronic disease and you are looking for community resources.
When you are discharged from the hospital and have questions on how to cope.
When you decide to make lifestyle changes, such as weight control and exercise, and you need resources and encouragement.
When you have an idea for an educational program you think might be of benefit to the fellowship.

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