cuufkidsChildren’s Religious Exploration Program

We value all children in the CUUF community and there are activities for children from infants to teens. Childcare by carefully screened providers is available for children under five along with preschool appropriate materials. Children are also welcome to stay with their parents or caregivers during any worship services.

There are two types of programs for children in the RE program, classroom activities (1st and 3rd Sundays) and multigenerational worship services (2nd and 4th Sundays). The children also do service projects twice a year.

Classroom Activities: Elementary age children are led in activities and exercises by a trained and screened team of teachers. The activities are designed to reach all stages and styles of learner and to introduce children to the sources and principles of UU faith. Classrooms are first and foremost a place where children can feel safe and respected.

Multigenerational Worship: These are worship services that will appeal to our entire religious community. The services are designed to be accessible to children while providing meaning to our adult members. They are an opportunity for children to see and participate in worship and are more interactive, fast-paced, and free-form than other worship services.