Trans Student Educational Resources Topic of March 26 Service

Housing Security Topic of February 19 Service

Click here to view a presentation on the Chelan Douglas Homeless Crisis Response System completed in January 2023 prior to the Point in Time homeless count.

Network of Regional Immigrant Justice Organizations

For information on the network of organizations that address immigrant justice in the region Click Here (1).  Additional information about resources from food and healthcare to housing and employment can be viewed in these documents: (2-5)
2. Apple Health Alien Emergency Medical
3. Chelan Douglas Resource List
4. Greater Wenatchee Valley Community
5. Service Line Resource List 6-2021

Indigenous Rights Topic of November 20 Service

For information on the post-colonial history of the Wenatchi-P’squosa People see:
False Promises, 57-minute documentary   
The History of the Wenatchi Fishing Reservation, E. Richard Hart, p 163 in Western Legal History 13(2) 2000 Click Here to view the article

JUUstice Washington is a UU action network addressing social and environmental justice on a regional basis. JUUstice Washington strives to inspire, educate, empower, and nurture the capacity of Unitarian Universalists, as well as community allies, to collaboratively advocate for and undertake social and environmental justice initiatives, and to support legislative change that aligns with Unitarian Universalist values in Washington and beyond.