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CUUF Happy Hour Hosted by Larry & Penny Tobiska
Fri, May 22 at 5pm
Join Larry and Penny with your favorite beverage to chat about your week and what you are looking forward to in the next week. To join or call in, use the information below:
Password: 803278
253 215 8782 meeting id: 880 8319 2226

Create a Prayer Flag Hosted by Visual Arts Team
Tues, 5/26 & Thurs, 5/28 at 9am
This is a special call with our visual artists to talk and make prayer flags to display at the church. Click the zoom link or call the phone number below for the day you want to join.
Tuesday Call:
253-215-8782 meeting id: 839 5899 8835
Thursday Call:
253-215-8782 meeting id: 879 9583 9160

Spiritual Studies Discussion Hosted by Connor Dahlin
Tuesdays at 7pm join RE Director Connor Dahlin in a discussion about world religions. As Unitarian Universalists, it’s in our very nature the gather wisdom from various sources and our CUFF World Religion class stands to bring us that wisdom directly, for our own personal interests, studies, and development. From Old World to the New Age, we aim to tackle the taboos and gain a mature understanding of humanity’s various expressions of spirituality. Open to all ages
May 26th session – This week’s Spiritual Studies course discusses the Afterlife. Specifically, this session focuses on all the ways the afterlife has been understood by various cultures, religions, and spiritualities, both ancient and modern. We’re sparing no expense, from the Native legends to Hindu Vedas, we aim to get a comprehensive understanding of all the ways humanity has hypothesized the prospect of the Afterlife.

Youth Group Hosted by Connor Dahlin
All youth from 6th grade through High School Seniors are invited to join Connor for our virtual youth group. Click the zoom link below to join. Please note the password required.
Password: 883935V

Soul Collage with Shannon Eisert
Tues, Jun 16 7:30pm
An introduction to Soul Collage with Shannon Eisert to explore the practice of soul collaging following the intuitive collage process for self-discovery created by Seena B. Frost. This group welcomes new folks and will be sharing some of their cards that they have been creating this past month. For more information contact Shannon Eisert or Kmbris Bond.
Collect pictures from calendars/ cards/ magazines, or your own pictures, in a wide variety.
Re-purpose a cereal box, or other card stock into 5”x8” cards.
Scissors, and Glue Stick or Rubber Cement.
Make a “frame” by cutting out a 5”x8” window to assist in the process.
Click on zoom link or call phone number below to join.
253-215-8782 meeting id: 844 0130 1163

Healthcare Professionals Gathering Hosted by Rev. Laura
Rev. Laura is hosting a call for the healthcare professionals in our congregation monthly on the second Thursday at 7:30pm. To join this call, please contact Rev. Laura at for the link and password.

Building Your Own Theology Hosted by Rev. Laura
Starts Fri, Apr 10 at 1pm and will continue until May 29.
This class will examine your religious background, help you discern your beliefs and meanings of life, and provide a framework for you to develop your own belief statement. Contact Rev. Laura for more information. To join, click zoom link below:
Password: 630815

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Video for Prayer & Meditation
Here is a link to a video of our lit chalice with the invitation to prayer and meditation. Please use it as often as you need it.

Tree Ceremony Led by LeRoy Farmer
LeRoy led us in a ceremony to say good-bye to some of our trees that will be removed at the beginning of April. To watch the video, click the link below: